Being Awesome

Movie Poster

My Role

As Co-Producer, my responsibilities included scouting locations, creating/keeping a production schedule, and keeping the cast and crew on task.


Teddy and Lloyd, two guys in their late twenties, are each at a crossroads. Teddy, hyper-sensitive and eager to please, was a very popular basketball player who thrived in high school and never wanted to leave. Lloyd, prone to bitterness and overly defensive, was an extremely reserved artist who felt invisible in high school and couldn’t wait to actually disappear from there.

Ten years after graduating, Teddy and Lloyd are both depressed and feeling all but hopeless. Due to getting caught up in trying to constantly have a good time in high school and college, Teddy lost focus and let his chances at a basketball career slip away. He dropped out of college quickly and now mostly just pines for his glory days.

After marrying the woman of his dreams and deciding not to travel the world and paint, Lloyd is now divorced and finds himself teaching (not well, at that) art at the very high school he couldn’t wait to escape.

At their ten-year reunion, Teddy and Lloyd strike up a friendship and soon decide that they have to turn things around. Believing that they’ve overcomplicated their lives to such an extent that they’re now totally stagnant and lost, they figure that they need to break things back down to basics and set a very clear, “simple” goal for themselves: to be awesome.

Written and Directed By

Allen Gardner

Co Producer

Lou Griffith