Being Awesome

Movie Poster

Teddy and Lloyd, two guys in their late twenties, are each at a crossroads. Teddy, hyper-sensitive and eager to please, was a very popular basketball player who thrived in high school and never wanted to leave. Lloyd, prone to bitterness and overly defensive, was an extremely reserved artist who felt invisible in high school and […]

Daylight Fades

Elizabeth, a tough, jaded young woman, and Johnny, a shy, kind-hearted young man, meet at a bar and quickly become an inseparable couple. Almost just as quickly, though, Elizabeth, who’d been abandoned by her father before she was born and whose stepfather is an abusive alcoholic, becomes uncomfortable with just how much she needs Johnny. […]

Chasing Daylight

The Making of “Daylight Fades” 38 Days, 40 Locations, 22 Degrees, 1 Film Chasing Daylight follows Old School Pictures as they make their 10th and most ambitious feature film, “Daylight Fades”, a vampire drama set in their hometown. Go behind-the-scenes to experience the excitement and frustration of making an independent film.

Grim Sweeper

Crime scene cleaner Hal Ridley ponders his life away as he trudges through each blood and guts filled day. His life gets a new twist when he begins a relationship with a grieving client.

Act One

Fade In. Grow Up. Fade Out. Act One is a comedy-drama that relays the story of Kevin Hansen, a confident, immature twenty-two-year-old screenwriter. Throughout his whole life, things have pretty much gone Kevin’s way. He’s likable, talented, has never had a problem getting girls, and has managed to sell Heatwave, his first completed screenplay, for […]