Danny Thomas / ALSAC Pavilion


The goal of the most recent renovation of the pavilion is to create a impactful experience that educates guests on the mission of St. Jude Children’s Hospital while also reducing foot traffic in the hospital.

The Result

The Danny Thomas/ALSAC Pavilion was last renovated in 2011 and was due for an upgrade. This cross-divisional team was challenged to create a welcoming space that leverages technology to provide an immersive experience for visitors while engaging them in the mission of St. Jude. The team met with multiple stakeholders to ensure the experience was tailored for St. Jude’s diverse audiences. ALSAC partnered with Haizlip Studios, Solomon Group and Belz Construction as partners to complete the renovation. The result:

  • Visitors to the Pavilion are welcomed by large digital images of Danny.
  • A skylight is visible in the ceiling that features the words at the gravesite of Lebanese-American writer and poet, Khalil Gibran: “A word I want to see written on my grave: I am alive like you, and I am standing beside you. Close your eyes and look around, you will see me in front of you.” 
  • The Pavilion is lighter and brighter with a 180-degree video wall that allows visitors to take a virtual tour of St. Jude.
  • QR codes help bring patient art to life.
  • The digital content can be changed immediately, which saves time and money.
  • The Pavilion includes revenue-generating opportunities through prominent Giving Stations and the ability to implement special interactive “donor walls” over time.
Launched November 2021

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