NATO Training Series

The Result

The NATO Training Series is a new online module series designed to cover key topics for movie theater employees. It emphasizes the importance of going above and beyond in delivering exceptional customer service. The site utilizes a customized Learning Module System (LMS), Wordpress, and a Tailored Membership Plugin. Each module consists of several segments that I animated through Adobe After Effects. This site has been the basis of all individualized training for Movie Theater employees across the country.
Launched August 2017
www.theatreowners.org_(iPad Air)
Six crafted modules
The six modules include safety & security, workplace behavior, movie ratings, and guest services.
www.theatreowners.org_modules_movie-ratings_(iPad Air)
Small segments and quizzes
They cover basic guest relations issues and provide tips for optimal response to emergency procedures, equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act issues, and more.
www.theatreowners.org_lessons_welcome-movie-theft_(iPad Air)

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