The Result

Working with the client, we designed a site that was clean and very complex. From the sortable NATO squares on the homepage to the touch-responsive slideshow, the new site needed to handle multiple screens with ease. The NATO design needed to be flexible to work within their network of sister sites and include a Members-only system.
Launched September 2013
Complex Sortable Event List
NATO wanted to give it’s members a list of their upcoming events and have it sortable by Date, Name, or Venue. With the provided functionality, a user can filter quickly to the event they are wanting to view.
Interactive Maps
NATO has membership in all 50 states and needed a way to represent this on an interactive map. When a user clicks on a state, they are presented with their state contact.
Easy to navigate, easy to contact
From the start, I wanted to make sure the site was easy to navigate. This site was going to grow and needed to make sure the user didn’t get lost. I included a very simple left nav and section headers to let the user know where they are within the site.

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