The Result

Launched October 2011

Eliminate The Box

Methodist Healthcare is one of the largest regional hospital systems in the nation and the task to redesign the site seemed just as large. One of the instructions I was given was to move to a more modular layout that wouldn’t be constrained by a box. The design up until the redesign included a three column layout. This meant that content had to conform to the structure versus the content dictating the structure. Keeping that instruction in mind as well as the new watercolor look and feel, I presented the homepage which wide columns and a tabbed system to help target the audience.
Think Differently
I really liked how Apple had presented the features of the latest OS, it felt a perfect blend of function and design. When it came to the incredibly long list of hospitals and clinics that are Methodist Healthcare, I needed a way to visually show a lot of information but allow the user to quickly navigate to where they needed to go, it seemed a perfect place to emulate that apple design.
As the redesign progressed, the team realized that we would need to find a answer for our location pages. Each location page had varied amounts of information and there were several of them to maintain. Instead of creating separate sub-pages to display the content, I felt a tabbed system would be our best bet. What resulted is our location template.

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